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Dr.Kumar's Multi Speciality Hospitals in Chennai has 24/7 Ambulance Service to serve the society for Emergency Care, Trauma Care, Accident Relief Care medical treatments.

Our Ambulances are fully equipped with life-saving medical equipment, first aid kit, full trauma care readiness with professionally certified helpers.

Connect with us on the numbers for taking 24/7 Emergency and Trauma Care Treatment in Chennai, India.

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    24 Emergency Medicine Speciality

    Accident Relief Care

    24 Hour Accident Relief Care multi speciality Hospital in Chennai Dr Kumars Hospital Chromepet
    Accidents are unexpected. However Patients met with Accidents can be saved if they are given immediate medical attention. Call our 24/7 Ambulance Services that operate widely across South Chennai. If Golden Hour Treatment is given within few minutes from the time of accident, we can save many lives every day.

    Trauma  Care

    24 Hour Emergency Health care Center Hospital in Chennai Bone Fracture
    Dr.Kumar's multi-speciality Hospital offers Trauma Care Services in Chromepet Chennai for treating head & neck trauma. Trauma Care is important to limit pain & prevent adverse consequences. We are well equipped to offer Trauma Care Patients with timely medical attention & help them rejuvenate in good health.

    Bone Fractures

    24 Hour Trauma Care multi speciality Hospital in Chennai Dr Kumars Hospital Chromepet
    One of the Most common causes for Trauma Care is Bone Fractures that may happen from Fall, accidents, posture. Bone Fractures need to be treated soon by giving suitable posture and further surgical procedures. Get 24/7 Emergency Medical Treatment for patients who need immediate medical attention.

    Brain Injury

    24 Hour Brain Head Injury Trauma Care Hospital in Chennai 1
    Head trauma can cause Brain injury due to fall or road accidents or even due to associated medical complications. Brain Injury need to be treated instantly to avoid further health complications and even losing memory or concussions. Take our Emergency Medical Health care support.

    Respiratory Failure

    24 Hour Respiratory Failure Care multi speciality Hospital in Chennai Dr Kumars Hospital Chromepet
    Chronic Respiratory Failure or Acute Respiratory Failure (ARF) needs emergency Medical attention. Dr.Kumar's Multi Speciality Hospital provides Emergency Health care services to patients with Respiratory Illness or Respiratory Failure. Get phone or Video consultation and give First aid before getting admitted.

    Heart Attack

    24 Hour Heart Failure multi speciality Hospital in Chennai Dr Kumars Hospital Chromepet
    When anyone is having Chest Pain or Heart Strokes, make sure to give them proper medical attention by taking them to nearest 24 Hour Hospitals with Emergency Health care Center Services. Based on Doctor's Advice, give any medication to the patient and driving them fast to the Hospital with an Ambulance.

    Our 24/7 Emergency Medicine & Trauma Care

    24/7 Trauma & Emergency Care
    Onsite Physicians for critical care service
    Sterile Ventilators, invasive monitors
    Advanced Heart care Equipment 
    Laminar flow operation theatres
    Dialysis Unit & Blood bank
    4 Fully-loaded 24/7 ambulances
    24x7 Radiology services – X-Ray – CT scan
    24 hours in house Pharmacy
    Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
    Gen sets uninterrupted power backup
    Closed circuit surveillance

    Patient Testimonials

    Fro a Medical emergency we couldn't use our car. hence we reached out for help and got referred to contact Dr.Kumar's 24/7 Hospital Ambulance. They picked up immediately and reached us on-time. Within few minutes, they helped us reach the Hospital. With Doctors' consultation, the first aid was given within the Ambulance itself. I thank Dr,Kumar's Hospital's Ambulance Team for their selfless service.
    Sembakkam, Chennai
    Our Grand Mother is 82 Years old. She is bedridden for the last 3 years. For getting medical treatment, we have home therapy services. However, recently she had to go through a Surgery. We got help from Dr.Kumar's Multi Speciality Hospital's Ambulance Services. They were prompt, professional, empathetic towards us. We could comfortably carry our Grandmother for the surgery and brought back to home. 
    Guindy, Chennai

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    Though the focus is on orthopaedic speciality the hospital caters to various medical specialities with equal expertise. The multi-speciality services are delivered by leading medical experts in a patient friendly ambience.


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