Bone Strength 2

Bone Strength 2 Checkup

INR 750 is Now INR 500 

Nothing is more precious than leading a healthy life. To continue to live a healthy life, preventive Master Health check-up should be undertaken at least once in a year.

Non-communicable diseases like HT (DM) cardio vascular diseases are becoming a story of every average Indian’s life these days. 

A complete Master health check-up will thoroughly examine your full body health and minimize risk factors to keep illnesses away.

Bone Strength 2 Checkup Package

What Tests are Covered?
Dr. Kumar's Health Care Hospital in Chromepet, Chennai offers a comprehensive Master Health Check up package for Men, women, children and for senior citizens.
Why undergo Bone Strength 2 Checkup?
Master Health Check Up Package helps you understand your key health indicators, with the convenient of testing from your home. Master Health Check up Test helps in early detection of common chronic & lifestyle health conditions related to thyroid, diabetes, liver, kidney, heart and blood.

People of all age group shall develop a healthy habit of testing their full Body Health Condition every once in a year. Master Health Check ups are very important for people once they cross 30 years of age.

Mostly, that is the age when people reduce having an active lifestyle. Their years of ageing and elderly life could be stress free and without any major ailment if they ensure Master Health Check-ups are done during their adult life.

How it Works?

1) Connect

Connect with specific health check prescription issued by Doctors. 

2) Book an Appointment

Book your Health Check Appointment online, via Phone or in Person.

3) Undergo the Health Check Examination

Be informed on the Precautions, come prepared for precise results.

4) Wait for the Medical Checkup Report

Receive your Medical reports in person or via email.

5) Get consulted with the Doctor / Physician

Get detailed consultation on your Medical Health check report.

Book a Bone Strength 2  Checkup Appointment 

    Please Note: 
    1) Kindly make sure to have the Medical Prescription issued by your Doctor.
    2) Each specific medical examination requires patients to follow specific precautions like fasting, empty stomach, timely intervals etc.
    3) During times when physical consultation is not possible, please be sure to ask for Online Consultation.
    4) Make sure to check with Hospital Working Hours and follow-up for undergoing medical check-ups and collecting reports or getting expert consultation.

    Hear from our Clients

    Dhayalan Ramamoorthi

    Dr.Kumars' Health Check Up Packages are comprehensive yet affordable in Chennai. Doctors, technicians and admin staff are friendly. Highly recommend them.

    Nancy Sebastian

    Yearly Health Check up is mandatory these days for Children. Dr.Kumars Health Care Hospital is in Chromepet Chennai where we live. Indeed they are very good!


    We have been undergoing Health Check ups with Dr.Kumars Hospital Chennai for over 5 Years. Their personalised consultation is highly commendable.  

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