The department provides state of art treatment in nearly all fields of Orthopaedics including trauma & accident surgery, joint replacements, sports medicine & arthroscopy, spine surgery and deformity correction. The facilities provided in the department have grown over the years and today matches the best in the field. The founder Dr. Kumar himself being an orthopaedic doctor has helped keep the flag flying high with continuous success in curing orthopaedic issues.
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We have successfully performed 
numerous complex procedures such as

Knee replacement

Knee replacement

Hip replacement

Hip replacement

ACL reconstruction

ACL reconstruction

Ankle surgery

Ankle surgery

Our Orthopedic Services Include

Joint Replacement

Our experienced orthopedic surgeons provide the latest in joint replacement surgery allowing you to regain mobility in your joints while reducing pain. We combine the latest technologies with the best patient care to offer you a wide range of options for hip, knee, and shoulder replacement.

Back and spine

We will provide you with a multidisciplinary team of orthopedic spine surgeons who fully understand the complexity involved in performing back and spine procedures. We understand that the back consists of ultra sensitive nerves, discs, and joints. Therefore, we take extra care in assessing and determining the root cause of the problem before surgical intervention. In fact, we look for the optimal solution that can provide permanent relief with minimal surgical intervention necessary.


Dr Kumar’s hospital offers a wide range of shoulder treatment options including rotator cuff repair, shoulder replacement, shoulder arthroscopy, arthritis etc. We offer you the best in class shoulder treatment to help you get back the full range of motion in your shoulders from physical therapy sessions to shoulder replacement surgery.


Dr. Kumar’s offers the best knee care possible to reduce pain and improve mobility in the injured knee. Our orthopedic specialists are experienced in performing complex knee surgeries such as ACL reconstruction, knee replacement, knee arthroscopy, meniscus repair, arthritis etc. Our expertise in knee care has helped us successfully restore full mobility in our patients’ knee post treatment.


Our patients get the individualized care they deserve when they require immediate medical care for a critical condition such as broken bones or brain injury. We are well equipped with a well trained staff consisting of trauma surgeons, trauma nurses, anesthesiologists, physician specialists, and support staff to ensure our patients get the highest level of intensive care they deserve


Our hip care services can help reduce hip pain and improve mobility allowing you to lead a normal life free from any discomfort. For minor problems, we provide physical therapy or viscosupplementation injections while for major issues like hip fractures and arthritis, we offer the best treatment in hip replacement surgery.

Hand, wrist, and elbow

Restore function and mobility in your hand, wrist, and elbows that can occur from performing everyday activities such as gardening and typing. We utilize the latest medical technology to reduce inflammation and repair injuries.

Foot and ankle

Injuries to foot and ankle can have a massive impact on your daily life. Our team of orthopedic doctors and surgeons are experts in treating complex foot and ankle conditions such as achilles tendon injury, bunions, fractures, flat feet, ankle cartilage injuries, nerve pain, osteoarthritis, stress fractures, diabetic foot complications etc. We offer the latest techniques to treat constant foot and ankle problems.

Tendon and ligament repair

Tendon and ligament injuries are quite common especially among athletes. Therefore, we have the best orthopedic specialists on staff who have successfully performed minimally invasive surgery on numerous patients. Our doctors have a wonderful track record in providing long term relief to patients who have suffered major tendon and ligament damage.

Pediatric Orthopedics

Children’s bones are constantly growing, Therefore, special care must be exerted when performing orthopedic procedures on children. Dr. Kumar’s hospital understands the importance of pediatric orthopedics and we have maintained an amazing track record in treating children with orthopedic conditions such as ACL injuries, cerebral palsy, concussions, fractures, limb length disparities, scoliosis, clubfoot etc. You can rest assured knowing your child will get the best treatment he/she deserves.

Why Choose us?

Dr. Kumar’s well experienced team of orthopedic doctors and surgeons have successfully performed more than 1000 orthopedic procedures on several patients. We spend time in properly assessing and understanding the patient’s problem and find the suitable solution that can provide permanent relief to patients who are having severe pain in their joints, muscles, or tendons.

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