Paediatric Orthopaedics

Paediatric Orthopaedics

Orthopaedic conditions, including birth and congenital defects (such as club foot or dislocated hip), management of children’s fractures and orthopaedic services tailored to meet the needs of growing children are our speciality. Our paediatric consultants and surgeons are highly successful in managing paediatric musculoskeletal problems such as limb and spine deformities, club foot, spinal disorders, fractures in children and bone or joint infections.
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Our Pediatric Orthopedic Services

Bone Fractures

We understand that a child’s bones are constantly growing. Hence, special care must be taken when dealing with broken bones and fractures in children. Dr. Kumar’s Hospital is known for delivering the best pediatric care for bone fractures. We have helped many children’s bones heal the right way with proper treatment and care

Pediatric Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation specialists and physical therapists at Dr. Kumar's Hospital provide comprehensive support to children experiencing any physical or developmental disabilities. We've helped numerous children improve their motor skills, overcome severe neurological disorders, and improve the speech delays.

Foot Deformities

Children with foot deformities such as clubfoot and flatfoot find it hard to walk properly and lead a normal life. Dr. Kumar's foot specialists are experts in dealing with complex neuromuscular foot conditions like clubfoot and flatfoot. We will help your child walk normally in no time at all!

Sports Medicine

Sports injuries are quite common in children due to their brittle bones. Our orthopedic specialists are experts in treating sports injuries such as torn meniscus, ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff repair etc. We provide comprehensive care and support to budding athletes from treatment to rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Back/Spine abnormalities

Back/spine abnormalities develop very early in life. Hence, it is always best to treat spine abnormalities as soon as they start developing. Our orthopedic specialists will conduct a series of tests to determine the root cause of the problem and then find the best solution for your child with the aim to provide permanent relief from any back/spine problems.

We specialize in treating conditions such as

Foot deformities


Bone Fractures


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