5 Ways to boost Immunity

The immune system made up of special cells and tissues is your body’s defence mechanism against illnesses and infections. While hygienic activities such as washing your hands thoroughly can help fight against germs, experts believe that boosting your immune system can help strengthen your body’s defence against germs and viruses. These are the 5 best ways you can boost your immunity.

1. Eat healthy food and Exercise regularly

The primary mantra for developing a strong immune system is to follow a nutritious diet and exercise regularly. A balanced nutrient dense diet consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and fats in adequate amounts can provide your body with all the essential micro and macro nutrients necessary to stay healthy and active. It also provides your body with all the essential nutrients needed to keep your immune system ready to fight any internal infections.  Adequate water is also essential for your body’s functioning. In addition to this adequate amount of exercise twice a day helps you to stay active and energetic both externally and internally.

2. Get adequate sleep

Your body system is like your computer system. Just like your computer, your body also requires to be shut down in order to function efficiently. To regulate your body’s metabolism, adequate sleep is required. It is advised that an average sleep of 7 to 8 hour is necessary for the body to function efficiently. Moreover, people who sleep for 8 hours a day have increased  no.of T-cells(a type of immune cells) than those who don’t. The quality of your sleep can also play a huge role in your body’s functioning. Proper quality sleep can keep you from being tired the next day while improving your mental wellbeing.

3. Minimize stress

There is a strong relationship between mental health and immune health. Experts says when your body is under chronic stress or anxiety, it produces hormones that suppress your immune functioning. They also found out that stressed people are more susceptible to common cold. So, you need to be keep your mental health in balance to strengthen your  immune system. While you can’t avoid stress, there are certain ways you can overcome it. Mental health can be achieved by practices such as Pranayana, Yoga, Meditation etc. Doing these practices for at least 15-30 minutes a day can reduce your stress levels by a great extent. Other therapies such as laughter therapy and relevant treatments can also reduce your stress level. Always surround yourself with people you love and those who are good for your mental wellbeing.

4. Keep your body and surroundings clean & hygienic

One of the best ways to keep all those harmful micro-organisms away is to keep yourself and your surroundings clean and hygienic. It is especially prescribed for kids who often play in an outdoor environment. This can be achieved by showering regularly which regulates your body temperature, cleaning your home and home appliances with disinfectants to keep them free from dreadful microorganisms. Washing your hands whenever necessary is advised by all the health specialists to get rid of the microbes that can enter your body. Staying away from disease causing microbes itself leaves you with a healthy immune system.  

5. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

Alcohol and cigarettes are your body’s first enemies. Constant smoking and alcohol consumption can reduce your body’s immunity significantly. So stay away from alcohol and cigarettes if you want to boost your immune system.

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