Common Mistake You Make When Sick

Generally, when you fall sick, you intend to get better as quickly as possible. But some habits can make your symptoms worse and cause hurdles to your recovery. It is better to be aware of these missteps and avoid them to be back in action at the earliest.

Trying to power through

When sick, try to scale down and don’t try to keep going with your usual routine. Your body needs the energy to fight off the cold or flu virus, so make rest a priority. Better cancel all your engagements and take leave from work to stay at home. This will give your body the rest it requires plus prevents you from spreading your infection.

Ignoring the symptoms

Usually, a common cold does not require you to call up your doctor but never hesitate to give a call when you have signs that you have the flu. When you have a cold with fever, body aches and fatigue, you have flu. If you take the right medication within 48 hours, then you can shorten the illness and ease off your symptoms in a couple of days.

Trying to be sleepless

If you don’t get the right hours of sleep, it will weaken your immune system. This then makes it difficult to battle the infection. People who get less than 6 hours of sleep at night are four times more likely to get sick than those who sleep at least 7 hours. So if you are sick, you should scoot to your bed early and take a couple of naps in the daytime.

Insisting on antibiotics

Many people have a habit of hijacking your own prescription by asking the doctor to prescribe antibiotics at the first instance. You should know that antibiotics destroy bacteria and colds and flu are caused by viruses. So most of the antibiotics prescription is unnecessary and will cause the risk of side effects if used. Let your doctor decide your medicines and see to it that you follow his advice.

You don’t drink fluids

We all know how difficult it is to gulp down liquids when your throat feels like a chain saw is cutting through it. But staying hydrated during your sickness is extremely important. It not only decongests your nasal cavities, but it also fends off headaches and helps digestion when you are at rest. Make sure to drink a few glasses of water every day and add to it some herbal tea, broth or soup to keep fatigued and sore throat away.

You tend to skip meals

Naturally, all the medications and the sickness will rob you of your appetite. But this does not mean that you are at liberty to skip meals altogether. Calories and nutrients will fuel the immune cells that attack the causative viruses. The result is that you will recover faster. It is believed that chicken soup has got curative qualities and relieves your symptoms.

You won’t give up smoking

You think smoking is relaxing when you get bored of your sickness. On the contrary, smoking can damage the lungs and irritate the throat. It will worsen your symptoms, so avoid smoking until you recover fully.

Tend to stress out

When sick, your immune system needs to work to the optimum. The hormones that your body produces when you are stressed is not good for your immune system. Stress can also increase any inflammation. Focus on relaxing and recovering and this will put you back on your foot sooner.

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