Family with Migraine history - Is there a Cure?

Migraines are neurological conditions that cause multiple related symptoms. Migraines stress out people as it is characterized by disturbing symptoms like intense headaches, nausea, vomiting, numbness, and sensitivity to light or sound.

Indulging ourselves with the knowledge of many diseases that are genetically inherited is highly important. Certain diseases show no symptoms but they usually are life threatening. So it's always mandatory to do a complete health check up by all the people who have crossed 30 and above. Check out Dr. Kumar’s Multi speciality hospital master health checkup services at

Never have you known these migraines are genetically inherited and with an advancing effect, it can even show symptoms such as temporary numbness often affecting one side of the body. These migraines are existing 24x7 but not their symptoms. They occur in episodes to patients and the symptoms range from seizures to coma and rarely death. 

Normally genetically inherited migraines are due to mutation of certain genes that are weak to carry out their neurotransmitter process. Still research is being conducted to study clearly the genes that are getting mutated and cause this type of migraines. When symptoms such as being sensitive to light and sound develop nausea and vomiting happen it is the right time to see a doctor. If you have any of the symptoms kindly have a personalized consultation with our experts at .

Migraines are usually diagnosed easily by MRI and CT scans. Migraines recover by themselves in between their severity of the symptoms and the patients are advised with usually pain relieving drugs and nasal sprays that reduce the pain pathways. Relaxing and keeping yourselves away from stress is the best common way to be relieved from the pain of migraines. This a disease that can be treated easily by receiving an early treatment and from the right practitioners.

So far there is no permanent cure to Migraines. But treatments are there that can significantly reduce the intensity of migraines. Connect with medical practitioners today to get comprehensive medical consultation in person or online. 

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