Health Check-Up Packages in Dr.Kumar’s Hospital

Health check-ups are an absolute necessity when it comes to tracking your health. Keeping your body healthy is essential to enjoy a prolonged life free from illnesses. Moreover, regular health check-up can help you spot any potential health related problems in the early stage saving you money and mental agony in the long run. In critical illnesses like cancer, early diagnosis can be the difference between life and death. These health check-ups should be done in a quarterly, Half-yearly, or yearly basis. We at Dr.Kumar’s Multi-speciality hospital are concerned about people’s health and  we offer a wide spectrum of health check-up packages for you and your whole family.

1) Basic health check-up: A basic health check-up which includes basic tests such as blood screening,Bio-chemical tests, Liver functioning test, general test, x-ray, ECG and nutrition consultation for people of all age groups to lead a healthy and balanced life.

2) Full body master health check-up: A complete whole body check ensures complete health and wellness prescribed for people from all age groups which includes a wholesome package of hematology, LFT, Lipid profile, Endocrinology and all other general tests. A full body check-up assures you a complete guide to gain knowledge about your whole body’s performance.

3) Women’s health check-up: Women’s health check-up allows women to undergo tests such as PAP Smear, USG, TSH, tricology, endocrinology, weight gain/weight loss check etc. Also a gynaecologist consultation and counseling will be offered at Dr.Kumar’s hospital.

4) Men’s health check-up: As like concerning women ,equal importance should be given for men’s health also. A man working for his whole family shouldn’t forget to show concern for his own body. Hence, Dr.kumar’s multi-speciality hospital offers special check-up for men to ensure the wholesome health of a male body.

5) Child health check-up: Children from the age group of 5-12 are at a stage were 75% of body and brain growth occurs. Maturity of the immune system and body changes takes place during this phase. Hence it is necessary to make sure their nutrition, internal body functionings , and overall health and wellness isn’t compromised. A child health check-up accompanied with paediatric consultation is offered at DR.Kumar’s multi-speciality hospital for ensuring a healthy childhood for your children.

6)Teen’s health check-up: Teenage phase is most important phase in a person’s life were most of the physical and hormonal changes occurs. A healthy condition is needed to keep all these changes in a balanced way. These special check-ups are offered at Dr. Kumar’s Hospital along with psychiatric consultation.

7) Geriatric Health check-up:  This package in Dr.Kumar’s hospital is recommended for people above the age of 60. It is specially designed for the body changes of the elderly people that occurs in the later phase of life including haematological abnormalities, Type 2 diabetes, Hepatitis, Cardiac disease, Memory degeneration, Bone, and joint pains, Urinary inconsistency , constipation and so on.

8) Diabetic Health check-up: Diabetic check in dr.Kumar’s hospital is advisable for elderly persons above the age of 50 and for people with a family history of diabetes, obesity and any preexisting conditions. It will be helpful in the early detection ,treatment and diagnosis of Diabetes mellitus along with the screening of retinopathy and eye examination. The reports are consolidated and examined by a practiced diabetologist.

9) Urology health check-up: The Chronic Kidney Disease are quite common among people of aged 30 and above. Chronic Kidney Disease can occur alongside other cardiovascular diseases and many other diseases.Hence it becomes important to take care of your renal functioning. Get your Urology Health check-up done with a complete renal and bladder test and counseling from the best nephrologist at Dr. Kumar’s Hospital.

10) Cancer screening: Now-a-days cancer is quite common because of the changing lifestyle and unhealthy diet habits. Cancer screening test in Dr.Kumar’s hospital is advised for people with family history of malignancy and for people who are prone to cancer due to their unhealthy lifestyle. Cancer in the initial stages is very difficult to detect. Moreover, it gets severe along with the maturity. Hence, it necessary to undergo a cancer screening test to detect and diagnose the cancer cells while in the early stages.

11) Neurological health check-up : Dr.Kumar’s Hospital has a specialized department for neurology. Neurological health check-up is advised for people above the age of 55 and with family history of neurological disorders. Neurological disorders include Epilepsy, Alzheimer's, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease etc. which when detected earlier has more chance of complete diagnosis. A supervision of qualified neurologist is provided with wholesome care in Dr.Kumar’s hospital.

12)Dental Health check-up: Dr.Kumar’s hospital as a speciality in treating oral problems by giving you a first class complete oral check-up to make your smile healthy.

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