Osteopenia in simple terms means loss of bone mineral density. How can you prevent this situation? People affected with the condition should acquire bone health via their diet and lifestyle routines. All these steps are quite simple and you should adopt these measures to help stimulate your bones to remain healthy and slow bone loss.


Certain simple diet and lifestyle changes can help in prevention and management of osteopenia. It is upto the patient to adhere to the changes and see that the condition does not occur or it does not progress.


We all know that bones need calcium and other nutrients to keep it strong and healthy. The best source of these nutrients are natural products like milk, dairy products and green vegetables. You can also in consultation with your doctor use some calcium supplements if required. These calcium supplements in combination with other nutrition supplements will help you maintain or regain bone strength.


Exercise is very important to make bones stronger, the more you work them the more they gain in strength. Usually weight bearing exercise and resistance exercises stimulate your bones to become stronger. You can also do some walking, dancing and any other activity that puts some weight on your bones and will be surprised to see the changes to your bone strength.

Avoid Stimulants

The most dangerous stimulants are smoking and drinking alcohol, it is best to avoid them for the sake of your bones. Sometimes even too much of caffeine and soda can work against your body. Cut back on these as they may work against your body as you are trying to build up bone strength.

You Need Vitamin D

Our body needs the right levels of vitamin D to properly absorb calcium. We can have optimum levels of vitamin D by spending at least 15 minutes in the sun daily where the hands and face are exposed. Where the exposure to sun is not possible we can do it by taking appropriate vitamin D supplements.

Have Thicker Bones

It is seen that people who have the thickest of bones around age 30 have the smallest of risk in getting osteopenia or osteoporosis. The following are few things we can do to maintain bone thickness.

  • Get right amount of calcium and vitamin D
  • Exercise regularly and ensure that you put some weight on the bones
  • Quit smoking and limit alcohol
  • Avoid cola/carbonated drinks

Prevent Falls

The biggest problem with osteopenia is the risk of falls, make sure you avoid falls which can fracture your hip or back, be safe and manage the condition with extra care.

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