Physiotherapy has helped people recover who have immobility issues not only by accident but has worked miraculously, for people with in-born mobility issues. Works efficiently for elderly people but their measure to reach the care often is a great effort. That’s how homecare physiotherapy has gained its importance to meet the need.

How homecare physiotherapy is processed?

  • The forbearer has to visit the hospital for initial analysis 
  • The healthcare physician and the physiotherapist will devise a customized treatment plan
  • Depending upon the deformity the hour and the days of treatment is planned
  • Then the forbearer is cushioned with their desirable time slot for the homecare physiotherapists to  attend 

Who benefits from it?

  • Most cases of physiotherapy sessions are given to people who have been injured deeply from an accident and are restricted for any mobility. This situation is assisted with homecare physiotherapy. 
  • For elderly people who have no means to reach the hospital for physiotherapy care.
  • Pre and postnatal care needs homecare physiotherapy when pregnancy can be stressful already enough for moms who has older kids or due to nervousness of the new.

Benefits of homecare physiotherapy

  • Commute - Your own home is your commute for your physiotherapy needs. Being more comfortable so as to relax in your own space the care becomes more promising and less strained for you if you are restricted for mobility.
  • Customisation- As you have separate registered physiotherapists attending you, your treatment plan and your history of the treatment will be known by the physiotherapist thereby to develop an emotional and a professional rapport.
  • Care by all- Physiotherapy in the last stages can be done personally ones the physiotherapist asks so. So homecare physiotherapy helps your family to help you out for your workout sessions.
  • Could and Couldn't so- Elderly people who are prone to infection and who don't have any source to attend to this session often are highly benefited from this care.

Homecare physiotherapy has proven to be effective and has recorded faster recovery rates of forbearers. Dr. Kumar’s multi-speciality hospital encourages and promotes homecare physiotherapy at for their patients thus giving them personalized and effective care. 

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