There are tons of materials to describe various ways of boosting our digestive power or metabolism. Though most of them have many things in common it is difficult to fine-tune everything and come to a conclusion about the best steps to boost our digestive powers.

This is an attempt to sieve down the knowledge on digestive enhancement and suggest the best possible choices to achieve the greatest results.

Importance of fibre

Body generally needs anywhere between 20-35 grams of fibre every day. To get the desired quantity of fibre it is best to choose plat foods like cherries, grapes, crunchy bell peppers, beans, whole grains and nuts. These fruits and nuts are helpful in digestion and preventing constipation, they are also good for the heart and blood sugar. Another aspect is that they fill you and satiate your appetite thus helping you in weight control.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is considered to be not that desirable and the pursuit of children and young people. But the fact is that chewing enables secretion of saliva, which balances the acid that helps digestion. This chewing can cause you to swallow air which can make you belch and bloated.

Lose extra weight

A few extra pounds around the belly are not that good a sign for proper metabolism. Losing some weight can reduce belly fat which can ease the discomfort of heartburn, gas and belching. It is therefore best to start on a diet and exercise plan to lose weight and empower your digestive system.

Shrink the plate

Shrinking your plate during the main meals in a day will prevent indigestion, bloating, heartburn and other digestive problems. The smaller meals can be eaten more often during a day. This will help you not feel full quickly and also prevent eating more than you planned.

Stay hydrated

The optimum amount of fluid in the body gets rid of waste and helps stay healthy. We can sip water, juices, tea and other beverages. The best suited fluid intake can be discussed with your doctor.

Get more exercise

Everyone knows that exercise improves our digestive health. It also helps in solving minor digestive problems. Exercise helps in preventing bloating and constipation. Physical activity actually makes the bowels move things efficiently inside the body and help in letting go waste. It also controls stress, which triggers digestive problems.


Probiotics are the ‘good bacteria’ that are found in juices, yogurt and certain snacks. Probiotics help in controlling diarrhoea, irritable bowls and inflammatory bowels. Yet we are unaware of how much we need to maximise the benefits and should consult a doctor.

Stress & Ulcers

Your brain and the digestive system are connected and that is why you hold your stomach when you get stressed. Stress worsens the problems like IBS and ulcers. If you are active and get enough sleep, meditate and relax regularly then it helps in preventing all digestive problems

Watch the diet

It is best to stay away or limit certain foods like gassy beans, sodas and fatty items like fried foods and dairy products like cheese. Some other people will get bloated feeling when they consume acidic foods like citrus fruits, coffee, tea and tomatoes.

Other factors that will help keep digestive health include quitting smoking, giving up alcohol and saying no to certain dairy products.

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