Even before a foetus is formed in the womb the life cells undergo many changes and challenges. Hence health is something that goes through ups and downs and it is upto us to take care of it and view it as a precious gift in our life.

Here are few things you can adapt in your daily life that can help preserve your health in the best of condition.

Eat Slowly

When you eat slowly the brain gets a chance to get the signal that you are full, so you will less likely over eat. The other advantage of eating in a relaxed manner is that you will be aware of what you are eating and always make sensible choices.

Socialise more

Socialising does not mean you should know more and more people or keep meeting them often but it really means how well you connect with them. The experience can make you feel happier and more productive. The result is less of health issues. So get your friends together for a movie or a dinner or join a club or charity and make new friends.

Give up the juice, eat the fruit

You have always like the orange fruit, but more often than not you end up drinking orange juice. You should know that even 100% pure juice loses its nutrition to a certain level when it is processed. Juices with added sweetners can put a lot of unwanted sugar in your system.

While fresh and luscious fruits are great to taste and filled with nutrition like vitamin C, potassium, fibre and folic acid. Fresh fruits are low in fat, sodium and calories.

Have time-off

Take note that you need to have some time off to truly bond with family and friends. This bonding is very good for your mental and physical health. That is why it is said that people who go on vacations have longer life spans and have lesser heart disease and other health problems.

Watch for fat

You can always keep a look out for trans fats which are added to your food like in pizzas and baked goods. This kind of fat is linked to heart diseases. Some other fats like the ones from dairy products, whole eggs, fish, avocado or nuts are good for a balanced diet.

High fat dairy is now recognised as one that can help you lose weight rather than a low fat one. This is because the fat in the dairy product satiates your hunger better than other food stuffs, so you tend to eat lesser.

Manage stress

Stress makes your muscles tense and your pulse race. If it happens on a daily basis say at your workplace and you can’t cope with it, the result will be that serious health problems may occur. High blood pressure, ulcers and heart diseases are the outcome.

So, when stressed take a deep breath, do some activity like listening to music that can calm you, or best try to accept a situation that you can’t do much about. All these can help manage stress and protect your health.

Other things to do for good health is getting good sleep, eating a balanced diet, cutting back sugar and salt, being active and exercising, as well as embracing the outdoors.

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