Dry skin is mostly rough, itchy, grey and scaly making it very uncomfortable for the person. The skin is various parts of the body may feel tight, after a shower, bath or a swim. Sometime the skin will turn red, have cracks and also bleed by itself.

There are many reasons for dry skin and how you should tackle it depends on what caused it.

Causes for dry skin


Dry skin can occur at any age, but mostly people over 50 are more affected. This is so because the oil glands for your skin gets smaller with age and produces less oil. Certain medical conditions like diabetes and kidney disease can cause dry skin.


Usually atomic dermatitis or a kind of eczema caused dry, itchy skin in most cases. Sometimes redness and rashes are seen inside your elbows, behind the knees and on the face, hands and feet. This is an allergic reaction which can be managed by using a moisturizer to moisten the skin. Certain detergents, perfumes, sand and cigarette smoke can cause this allergy too.


Certain chemical and biological materials or extreme temperatures may cause dry skin. Certain jobs that will lead to this condition include food service, cosmetology, health care, agriculture, painting, mechanics and construction. Using protective gear is a good way of preventing this.


Continuously being in contact with water like soaking in a tub or showering for long hours can cause dry skin. The hotter the water the worse the dry skin problem. Chlorine in the water is another cause because it dries out the skin. Showering in water that is on the cooler side and restricting the time in a shower can prevent this.


Smoking causes wrinkles and messes with the blood flow to the outermost layers of the skin. The result is a dry, coarse skin.

Your Soap

Mostly soaps and shampoos clean your skin by removing oil. Once the oil from the skin gets wiped out it automatically turns dry and the outbreak of dry skin gets worse. Such people can use special body cleansers prescribed by a doctor.


Weather plays a major role in causing dry skin. Winter months are especially known for causing extensive dry skin problems. This is because the humidity or moisture in the air is typically very low and the heating systems used indoors also dry out the air and ultimately the skin. Covering up, moisturizing and avoid allergic reaction can save the skin.

Fish scale disease

This is a hereditary disease where dead skin cells bunch together in thick dry scales on the skin. The disease is manifested in early childhood and remains lifelong. Treatments can help manage the disease to a certain extent.


Knowing what causes allergic reaction, keeping your skin moisturized with oils, lotions and creams, making the skin less likely to dry up and crack or cause pain.

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