Many of us break out into a rash after we put on latex gloves or some kind of jewellery made out of steel or nickel. This must be because you are allergic to the material and you have a skin allergy condition.

Skin allergies can be due to allergic reaction to certain materials particularly when you brush up against them or you come in the vicinity of the material. Plants like poison ivy, chemicals in your makeup, or a certain kind of food material can be a trigger for your allergy. The best defence against such things is to keep a safe distance.

Poison Ivy & Poison Oak

Usually when parts of these plants or their leaves get damaged or bruised, they release and if that oil comes in contact with human skin it causes red, itchy rashes with bumps and blisters. We can treat the rashes with wet compress, out meal bath or certain lotions and creams.


Nickel is a universal material in the sense that it is used to make anything and everything from jewellery to belts to eyeglass frames to metal clips. Even then it is the leading cause for skin allergies. If you are in a profession where you contently have to handle nickel like a hairdresser, clerk, caterer or house cleaner then you are at more risk.

If you are allergic to food that contains nickel then you can see allergic reaction that show as bumps on the sides of the fingers, hand eczema or other symptoms. There is no treatment as such so you’ll have to carefully avoid coming in contact with nickel.

Latex or Rubber

Rubber products are made by mixing the rubber sap with some chemicals and you get rubber gloves, condoms, erasers, elastic waistbands, bras and balloons. Some people are allergic to such rubber and while using the rubber products get a rash on their hands and other body parts.

If not quickly controlled the allergy or rash spreads quickly and cause severe reaction like anaphylaxis, a severe breathing problem which is life threatening.


Do you get a rash on your body after you wear a t-shirt or on your feet when you wear your favourite footwear? It all could be the result of an allergy. This allergy is from new outfits that your try. The trigger here could be dyes or chemicals used to process the fabric.

To avoid such allergic reaction to new outfits, first was and clean them thoroughly before you try them on.


Certain chemicals like formaldehyde and parabens which are used in beauty products to make them last longer can cause allergic reaction. Some shampoos, conditioners, sunscreens, lotion, makeup, hair dye and tattoos come under this category and cause extensive skin allergies in some people.

Change your soaps and shampoos and start using the milder version for allergy free life.


Fragrance is the ingredient that makes perfumes, cologne and deodorants so popular. They are used as cleaning products and against bad odour.

It is very difficult to pin point fragrances that causes allergy but usually massage centre staff and physical therapists are more at risk of getting allergies.


Some medicines and over the counter products like creams and lotions can cause skin allergies. Look for ingredients that you are allergic to you before you buy products to treat itching, cuts, scarps, burns, insect bites, toothaches, earaches and cough syrups.

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