Though we do observe the subtle changes in our urine colour, it is not always possible to detect that there is blood in the urine. The amount of blood in the urine may also be so little that it is possible to see it only under a microscope.

Seeing blood in one’s urine can be frightening, but mostly the causes may not be serious. In very few cases the symptoms will be a pointer to a more severe health issue.

The reason for blood in urine can be mostly:

Urinary tract infection

When bacteria infect the urinary bladder or urethra where urine is stored in the body it may cause some bleeding. Apart from the discolouration of the urine you may feel like relieving yourself from time to time. While urinating you may feel a burning sensation. If the infection is severe, you may feel pain in the belly and groin region. UTIs are commonly treated with antibiotics, which clear them up and restore normalcy.

Kidney infection

If left untreated, the urinary tract infection may advance through the connecting tubes of the urinary tract and reach the kidneys. The symptoms, though similar to ordinary UTI, you will also have fever and pain in the sides. There is a possibility that the infection may even spread to other parts of the body and cause serious health problems.

Kidney stones

The blood in the urine may also be due to the presence of kidney stones. Kidney stone occurs when the body has built up too much of calcium or other minerals that do not get flushed out of the body through urine. When kidney stone starts growing larger, they may cause irritation in the capillaries and produce blood in the urine.

Enlarged prostate

Some sort of infection, a surgery or an injury to a small gland near the bladder, called the prostate could cause inflammation. Prostate occurs in men, any damage to it can cause blood in the urine along with pain during urination. Passing motion may also get complicated due to pain in the lower belly. It is usually treated with antibiotics and pain medicines.

Kidney disease

Inherited diseases of the kidney like Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) causes, small, fluid-filled cysts to grow in the kidneys. The cyst can damage the kidney and causes blood in the urine. This may be accompanied by a bloated belly, high blood pressure, fluttering heartbeat, and pain in the sides. There is no cure for this condition, but the symptoms can be managed with proper medication.

Hard workouts

Blood in urine is seen mostly for those who run regularly or professional runners. It is not yet clear why this happens. It could be dehydration, injury to the bladder or a breakdown of more red blood cells than usual during aerobic exercise.


A serious accident or on the sporting field if a person gets a hard blow on the lower back it can produce blood in the urine. Often this condition gets better with some results, but the patient must be kept under medical supervision for some time.


Caner or tumour growth in the urinary bladder can cause blood in the urine. In some instances, there may not be any other symptoms of cancer, other than this and so it is essential to let the doctor know about it at the first instance.


Certain medications like antibiotics, penicillin or cancer drugs can result in causing blood in the urine. Aspiring and some blood thinners can also cause this especially if you have already got UTI.


A proper diagnosis is required to come to a conclusion regarding the cause of the condition. It could be due to infection, cancer or genetic diseases and treatment and long term management can begin after knowing the exact cause.

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