Nerve pain is experience variedly by people; it is not the same for everyone. For some it may be a stabbing pain in the middle of the night, for others it must be a pricking sensation, or tingling sensation or a burning sensation all through the day. When these sensations or nerve pain get uncontrolled they cause pain that is unbearable. The good thing is that with proper treatment these symptoms can be brought down significantly.

What’s nerve pain?

Think that you take your hands too close to a burning stove, the nerves send pain signals to the brain and you immediately pull back your hands. When nerve damage happens the pain response stops working. The damaged nerves send false signals, and then you feel real pain, without any cause. On the otherhand damaged nerves can also mean that you do not feel any pain when you get an injury.

What are the pain triggers?

Each person will have a particular pain trigger or several of them together. Certain body positions or activities trigger this. Like standing in a line or walking becomes painful. Nerve damage means your body turns extra sensitive. The nerve pain can get so bad that people will feel pain when a bed sheet is draped over their body.

Loss of sensation

Another aspect of nerve damage is that the person may lose sensation. There is a loss of sensation and numbness in the fingertips, making it harder to do things with your hands. Activities like knitting, typing, tying a shoe lace may get difficult. People with nerve damage usually complain that their sense of touch seems to be diminishing; they feel like they are perpetually wearing hand gloves.

Effects of nerve pain

Nerve pain can lead to conditions where you get sleepless nights since the pain is more prominent during night. Nerve damage can cause muscle weakness, loss of balance and unseen injuries.  Since there is no sensation in the limbs people with nerve damage may not know when they are injured.

Nerve pain progression

We all know that if nerve damage is untreated for long it can aggravate. The condition usually begins in those parts away from the brain, hence the occurrence of nerve damage in the hands and feet to start with. The nerve pain will then progress to the legs and arms. With proper and early treatment it can be controlled.

Causes for nerve pain

There are many conditions that cause nerve pain like diabetes, shingles and cancer. Yet there are cases where the reason cannot be determined. It is always important to find the underlying cause of nerve pain. Conditions like uncontrolled diabetes can cause severe health problems.

Take charge of your health

Apart from consulting a medical expert you can take few steps to fight chronic pain. Taking regular exercise, keeping a healthy weight and improving your diet can help fight chronic pain.

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