Human teeth are made from pretty tough substance. The teeth enamel is supposed to be the most durable substance in our body. Even then our teeth wear off under certain conditions. Things like our habits, health conditions, and injuries lead to this wear and tear.

Let us now take a look at what can damage teeth and how we should protect it.

Teeth grinding and clenching

We all know that our teeth are meant for biting down and chewing. Though too much of it will cause significant damage.

As years roll by, the friction from biting and chewing can wear away the enamel and fracture the fillings. This is called bruxism, and many adults suffer from it. It happens any time, whether day or at night, in your sleep.

What triggers grinding and clenching?

Few things cause this:

> Stress and anxiety can trigger it and make it worse

> The way teeth line up or alignment may create it

> Certain medicines like antidepressants can lead to it

> Sleep apnea for some will trigger the habit

Chipped or broken teeth

Chipping or broken teeth can happen when you bite down on hard food or an object, like the piece of crusty bread, ice, or pens.

A fall or facial injuries from sports or accidents can also damage your teeth. Sports injuries are responsible for 30 % of dental injuries in children.

How to Safeguard your smile

Chipping and broken teeth may be a sign of putting the teeth under stress. It is better not to take foods like ice and hard candies. Never try to open packages or bottles with your mouth, grab an opener or look for a pair of scissors.

A cavity can appear on the crown of the teeth, and when filling is done, it can weaken the teeth.

If you are into contact sport, injuries are part of the game. Consult your doctor and get a mouth guard for you.

Tooth Enamel Erosion

We all must have learned that acids can eat away at surfaces and this is true for the enamel of your tooth.

Acid foods and drinks like citrus juice can wear down the enamel. Soda pops, fruit juices, and energy drinks are the most harmful to our teeth.

Sugar deposits millions of bacteria on your teeth.  These bacteria produce harmful minerals that wear away the teeth.

Acid reflux brings stomach acids to the esophagus and mouth and causes tooth enamel erosion.

Conditions like alcoholism and bulimia, expose your teeth to stomach acid frequently.

How to prevent damage and protect teeth?

When you cut off sugary and acidic drinks and snacks during the day it helps prevent damage to your teeth.  When there is acid reflux then acid reaches the mouth and stays there for a more extended period.

Each time you have something sugary or acidic, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly.

With acid reflux or GERD or Bulimia it is better to consult your doctor.

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice daily or rinse your mouth with fluoride-containing mouth wash.

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